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Travelers who are attracted to bittersweet chocolate saturated with flavours should come to Pūre near Tukums. It is a place where one can acquaint oneself with the traditions of chocolate-making, be present at the process of making the sweet treats as well as celebrate a day significant to oneself or others.

    To everyone who celebrates life the „Chocolate Museum“ will undoubtedly give some joy of living through chocolate, for it is one of the classic delights.

Visit us together with friends, family, classmates or colleagues!

We offer various tour programmes:


The Chocolate Museum is located at: Pūre 9, Pūre, Pūres municipality, Tukuma region, LV-3124, Latvia


Mob. +371 22 10 00 42

E-mail: muzejs@purechocolate.lv


Working hours

potcp_eng.png 09:00 - 17:00

s_eng.png 11:00 - 18:00

sv_eng.png 11:00-15:00